CUSD Extension Programs

“The Crew” at Rolling Hills

A Middle School Program for Pre-Teens

Program Information 2015-2016

Enrollment Options
All students who wish to use The Crew program must sign up and pay the non-refundable registration fee of $100.00 which is due with your application. If you wish to use the flex pass option the one time registration fee is $25.  Flex passes are used as a way to drop into the center occasionally and can only be used up to six times in one month. The fee for a flex pass is $100 per month.  Flex passes cannot be used to accommodate a regular weekly schedule. For more regular needs you must choose a schedule below.
This is for families who will use the program regularly for a set schedule throughout the year.  Note: There is no AM care for The Crew)


5 days $500.00/month
Pro-Rated Months (Aug. and Dec.)
5 days $330.00/month
4 days $400.00/month 4 days $272.00/month
3 days $300.00/month
3 days $175.00/month
2 days $215.00/month 2 days $90.00/month

$25.00 one-time non-refundable registration fee
$100.00/month for drop in Flex Pass (good for up to 6 random visits)

The Crew Check Out
Students on a set schedule are to be picked up daily by an approved adult listed on the emergency release card. Students may not come and go from the program unsupervised.

Schedule Changes

If you wish to move from one schedule option to another, you must fill out a change form and pay two weeks of the previous schedule if the tuition amount is more than the new schedule tuition amount.

Billing and Account Information
You will not receive a bill monthly.  You will simply remit payment at the center or have it automatically deducted from your account using our ACH payment system. (Form included in registration packet)  All payments are due to our office by the 5th of the month. A late fee of $20 will be charged to all late payments. A fee of $25 will be charged for any bounced check. If students are picked up after 6:00pm there is a $1.00 per minute late for the first two times, after that it goes to $5.00 per minute and possiblity of being dropped from the program.

The Crew Behavior Policies
Students enrolled in The Crew will be expected to follow school rules at all times while on campus. In addition please read through the following rules and go over them with your child to ensure that he/she is aware of behavior expectations.
1. Language and Personal Behavior
  • Appropriate language is to be used at all times. Refrain from using any type of profanity
  • Students are responsible for respecting the personal property and personal space of all other individuals in the program
  • School dress code policy will be in place at The Crew
2. Phone Use
  • Cell phones are to be used for emergency and ride home information only and should be silenced during program hours
  • Texting during program time is not allowed
  • Use of The Crew phone is allowed to contact parents for emergency or ride home information
  • Any inappropriate use of cell phones will result in the phone being held by a staff member until the student leaves for the day
3. Mandatory Respect for Staff, Property and other Crew Members
  • Anyone not respecting staff, property, or other students will be asked to leave
  • Any property damage to Crew supplies and/or equipment will result in those individuals who caused the damage to pay for those items
  • Backpacks and other personal belongings are the student’s responsibility. The Crew is not responsible for storing items and is not responsible for lost or stolen items Any physical violence, threat, or aggression toward a staff member or another Crew student will automatically result in suspension or expulsion from the program. Parents/guardians will not be reimbursed for days their child is suspended

Questions regarding billing for The Crew enrollment can be directed to: Kristi Derego at 364-4200 ext. 6378.

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Join your friends after school in a place that's too cool to be school! Our after school center features a lounge where friends can hang out, listen to music, play video games, table games, or just chill out. We've created a space we know teens and pre-teens will enjoy!

Participants of "The Crew" will take part in a variety of activities that suit busy schedules an varied interests.




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