CUSD Extension Programs

About CampbellCare:
“All of the staff are great, I know they care for my child and we care for them too. Thanks for always being there for our family”
– Lynhaven Parent

About CampbellCare:
“My child loves being at CCare, he’s always telling me how much fun he has and he doesn’t want to go home right away when I pick him”
– CampbellCare Parent

About Theater Kids:
“I love that my son is so proud of himself and really works at being ‘professional’ as he puts is. The teacher is great with the kids and the final result was amazing!”
– Anne M.

About Theater Kids:
“In my opinion, Honk was the best thing Samantha did throughout her years at Forest Hill. She is still so confident and proud (she wears her Honk shirt all the time).”
– Julie L.

About Campbell Care:
When my son isn’t feeling 100% the staff acknowledge how he is feeling and allows him to have rest time and a snack. That makes us feel that he matters and is cared for.”
– Forest Hill Parent

About “The Crew”:
“The Summer Crew Program is great! It’s good to know the kids are in an environment we can trust—especially at this age. Many thanks to the staff!”
– “The Crew” Parent