CUSD Extension Programs

“At CUSD Extension Programs, all the teachers have such unique qualities and talents,
such a high level of energy. We constantly learn from each other and the kids.”
– CUSD Preschool Teacher

“It is so fulfilling that I am able to use my talents and skills to teach young children.
Every day is a new opportunity to make even the smallest difference with children.
Seeing the improvements in the kids is extremely rewarding.”
– Kevin, CampbellCare
“The CampbellCare Program  feels like a family — one unified, supportive team with
one goal: to educate and inspire kids so that they may have a brighter future.”
–  CampbellCare

“What makes working at CUSD so unique is the strong team approach. We work
closely with one another, with all the schools in the district, and with the families in the
community. The programs benefit dramatically from this collaborative approach.”
– CUSD Preschool Teacher

About Home School:
“The homeschool program allows students to learn, grow and thrive in a way that is
custom designed for each and every student to succeed. I have seen many students
benefit from this program over the years.”
– Sharon Martin, Home School teacher, 20 years teaching experience